Urgent Care

Our eyes sometimes don’t feel the way they should. Whether it’s due to your vision becoming blurry, having red and stinging eyes, or a foreign object working its way into your eyes, our Optometrists are usually able to see you for emergency and urgent care appointments. They can provide referrals to the relevant Ophthalmologists (eye specialists) for further care as necessary, and often this triage process can save you time waiting in the emergency room of a hospital. Do not hesitate in coming to see us if something does not feel right.

Accidents happen, and our staff are trained to assess and repair spectacle and sunglass frames. Certain repairs can be done on the spot and you will not have to be without your glasses. However, more extensive fix ups have to be sent away and may take a few days.

Please call us to speak to our friendly staff if you need urgent assistance.

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